Sunday, October 12, 2008

Haizhu District

Haizhu District is one of the ten districts in Guangzhou, People's Republic of China. Along with Liwan, Yuexiu and Dongshan Districts, it was the largest in area and the least dense of the four old districts in Guangzhou before the city expanded its size to include districts such as Tianhe to the east and Baiyun to the north. Then, it was also the only district south of the Zhujiang River, thus the natives of Guangzhou often referred to it as "Henan" , despite Henan is also the name of a province in China where its name comes from the fact it is south of the Yellow River.

Today, it is no longer the largest district in area nor it is the southernmost district, however, it has some of the most pricey real estate in city. This is due to its proximity to the central city, and unlike the dense Liwan and Yuexiu Districts which have been relatively built-up, Haizhu has not. Its riverfront has some of the tallest residential buildings in the city which rival those in Tianhe District, another fast-growing district just east of Yuexiu, although Tianhe also has the tallest office buildings in the whole city.

The name Haizhu means "pearl of the sea" in Chinese.


The main campus of Sun Yat-Sen University is located in Haizhu, as well as the Guangzhou Fine Arts Academy.
Right across the street from the Sun Yat-Sen University is the South Sea Institute of Oceanology, Chinese Academy of Sciences.
And the Guangzhou No.6 High School is one of the best in the city.


Guangzhou's Metro Line 2's eastern end is in Haizhu. Metro Lines 3 and 5, currently under construction, will also have stations in the district. Another metro line, the Guangfo Line, is currently under construction and will connect Guangzhou and Foshan, a city just west of Guangzhou. If built, it will be the first and only metro line connects two cities in China.


The artists cooperative Park19 has facilities on Haizhu.

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